12.05.2013 12pm

It may have been Mothers Day today, but it was also Shannon’s birthday party. The party was held at Aragon stables in Muldersdrift.  What an awesome stable for parties!

He’s been saying for a few days that he would go to the party, but there was no way he was riding a horse.  When we got there I could see he was nervous, and he was the last child to volunteer to help groom the pony.  That helped a lot… he loved that! The pony was quite happy to have his face wiped by Connor and even nudged his head gently (which Connor took to mean a kiss).

Yeah yeah, not related to the story, but how cool are these donkeys I spotted 🙂

Then it was time to ride.  He stood in the queue, and then as the first lot of his friends tacked up, he got out of the queue and told me he wasn’t going to ride.  I wasn’t going to force the issue, so I told him it was fine… but there was loads of time to change his mind.

5 minutes later, after seeing his friends go around the yards, he comes to me to tell me loudly that he’s going to ride… and he wants to go on the biggest horse!! He somehow managed to skip the queue and get to the front of the line (the kids had scattered to eat sweets)… and then he was up 🙂

Look how anxious he looks as he gets up…

Rafael, the horse, even posed for me before Connor set off

And now look at his smile as he gets back 🙂

I had to take a photo of the cake… isn’t it gorgeous?!

It was an awesome party, and I’m thrilled that Connor overcame his fear! So proud of my brave boy!