How was your Mothers Day? Was it as nice as mine? You’ve seen the horse riding blog post with Connor overcoming his fear… well, that wasn’t the only thing that happened on my Mothers Day.

The best part was being woken up by the sound of the kids whispering downstairs, then running upstairs and shouting Happy Mothers Day and handing me handmade cards 🙂

I don’t actually need presents on Mothers Day, I really don’t… these cards were enough for me.


At the end of last term, one of the teacher’s comments about Connor was that he seemed to have skipped a step in his development, and he wasn’t drawing people properly. He was always making the body either tiny, or it was missing. He’s drawing hands and feet like he should be doing, but he’s missed out the body step.

So can you see why I was so pleased with his card… check out the body?! 🙂

I know the writing isn’t very clear, so this is what Bradley wrote in his card…

Moms are a part of us
Other people say the same thing
My mom is the best
Mom without you I would not be here
You are my angel

Mom you’re the best

You make my life special

It’s not B+C (infinity sign) it’s M (infinity sign) (he’s speaking about my tattoo here)

I love you and I always will from Bradley xoxox

Thank you for putting up with me and for giving birth to me

PS. my blog is driving me nuts which is why it’s taken me so long to post this!! It keeps going down, Dreamhost’s servers are giving errors every day now 🙁 think it may be time to look for a new host.