14.05.2013 8pm

Sitting on his favourite spot in the lounge with his favourite things… his phone (he’s playing games on it mostly and whatsapp’ing family members) and his book.  He hasn’t wanted to put the books down actually.  While we were on holiday he discovered the Percy Jackson range of books, and he’s now read 2 of the series, and he’s busy with the 3rd one.

I’m thrilled that he likes the books, because they’re not short stories, and the story is quite involved… and he’s learning loads about Greek mythology!  Well, kind of 😉

Also, because he’s going through them quite fast, I’m quite pleased that Rick Riordon has other series of books too! We’ll be onto those soon.

Because he’s so hooked on the Percy Jackson books, he was thrilled to get a Nintendo DS game with the same name for his birthday 🙂