22.05.2013 8:40pm

There’s nothing like ending your day with a chat about the birds and the bees with your son.

I know, I know, the full talk with him should have been done at least a year ago.  But every time he’s asked me a question, Connor’s been around… and Connor is a little young for the graphic details (they knew the gentle version).

So, this week the school was visited by FAMSA.  When Bradley got home on Wednesday evening, I asked him what they spoke about, and how he felt about it.  In a nutshell, he felt it was a little embarrassing.  He was a little more than disturbed about how his hair will grow when he gets older, and he was all shy about the changes girls go through.

Then he said that the following day, they  heard they were going to be told about the birds and the bees… and apples and worms! LOL!

And that’s when I decided it was time to tell him everything… properly… not just the basics that we’d discussed before.

Growing up isn’t for sissies.

Poor kid told me the next morning that he struggled to fall asleep after that information overload.

I phoned him last night (I went away on a work conference thing), and asked him how Thursday went… and he said that I was right and they discussed everything I’d told him the night before… and he was glad that he already knew it all.

So now, next step… I think I’ll wait a few months and explain the ugly part.  I explained about HIV and Aids on Wednesday too actually, but what I didn’t explain about was rape and the ugly stuff that ugly people can do to you.