02.05.2013 8pm

The best part about coming home after a trip… sleeping in your own bed 🙂

Connor loves snuggling in our bed, and would much rather sleep with us than in his own bed.

Speaking of beds… do you use winter sheets and duvet covers?  I bought them for the boys years ago and they’ve always used them in winter, but this year Connor is complaining that it’s uncomfortable. I’m just loathe to remove them because he’s too little for electric blankets etc.

I can see this being an expensive month actually.  We moved Bradley to a new room and he’s got our old queen sized bed… which was all very well and good in summer with him using our old duvet… but now it’s winter, and that new room of his is chilly.  I really need to get him a nice down duvet and maybe some winter bedding.  Man, that’s not cheap!!

I went looking at Woolies, and they’re not as bad as I thought, but still expensive.

And we need a nice new down duvet too actually!

Aargh maybe I should just order it online and get this over and done with! On that subject, I’m quite enamoured with Woolworths’ online shopping at the moment… I ordered food to arrive the morning we got home so that I didn’t have to go grocery shopping when we got back and LOVED it!!

I really need to do it more often. It’ll save me oodles of time in the long run… and in fact money, because I wasn’t browsing around the shop and spotting cool stuff so my basket value was actually lower than it would have been if I’d been there physically.