27.05.2013 10.11pm

Oh yes, that’s our bed that Kimo is snuggling on.  He makes a beeline for the bed when I’m in the room, and lies there and pretends not to watch me while I get undressed.

On the subject of Kimo, if you read my Twitter stream you would have seen this story, but for my own record keeping it’s better to blog about it too 😉

I took the dogs to the normal park this last weekend for a walk.  It was more than stressful for me.  For some reason Kimo decided to attack a german sheppard that was just minding it’s own business.  The owner of the other dog managed to leash his dog, but it took a while for me to get Kimo away from him… it was more than scary.  He was so very angry and aggressive for no reason.

Then after a wander around the park, I had to fetch the kids who were in the playground and walked past a couple of huskies that were quite happily playing with Kimo earlier.  Well, he decided he didn’t like them anymore, and decided to attack them too.

And then I got fed up, and even though we’d only been around the park once, we decided to go home.  Thankfully Bradley was with me and had Kitara on lead, because he then decided to attack a collie as we left the park and they were on lead!!

I needed wine when I got home.

I have no idea what caused it at all… unless he was hungry because he’d decided to go on another hunger strike and hadn’t eaten in 2 days by then (both dogs do that every now and then).  But what it means, is that we’re going to have to walk around the block with them on lead for a few weeks until he changes his attitude. And that’s so difficult for me, because he’s so bloody strong!!