08.06.2013 9am

Getting up early when it’s cold is not a joke, and yesterday we had to be at the school at 8am for the kids karate seminar.  It was a full morning of “extra lessons” to prepare them for their next exam.  The seminar was not only for their school, but all the dojos in the area, so there were hundreds of kids and their parents running around the school.

The kids LOVED every minute! They got to work with different sensei’s and it was awesome to see them all so focussed on learning.  They were split up by age group and belt colour, and at the end of the first hour, all the white and yellow belts were taken onto the field where they all did a few exercises together in a circle.

Can you spot Connor in that mix?  He’s on the outside of the circle with his back to me.

While that was going on, Bradley was hard at work in the hall.  This sensei was taking no prisoners and working the kids quite hard.  I decided to leave and have a cup of coffee in the sun 😉 while we waited for him to finish.

It was well worth getting up early.

Oh and, I met up with a Babynet mom that I haven’t seen in ages, she was there too… in her gi.  I am so impressed by her! She’s taken up karate again after an 18 year break, and is working towards her black belt that she says she’ll be ready for next year!  So bloody impressive.