Yesterday was my birthday. I took the day off, like I usually do, and because I was on my own, I took myself out for brunch 🙂

I’d decided a few days ago to go to The Whippet in Linden, and then I got a tweet from @brodiegal suggesting I go there too, and she also said that I should try their signature breakfast. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have ordered the dish if I’d seen it on the menu.

What a gorgeous little spot.  It was busy, even though it was a Wednesday morning, so I sat at the bar counter.  In hindsight, that was a great idea because I could see everything 😉 LOL!!

The coffee was sublime.  Nice and strong and it had a lovely flavour.  They have their own blend of coffee called the Linden Blend.

Ooh and then it was time for the food. I ordered the Whippet breakfast, which is a poached egg fried in tempura batter with bacon, and the most amazing tomato relish with ciabatta toast.  OMW, I finished every morsel… and then didn’t have lunch! LOL!

When I was done, I went exploring, and headed for the Ceramic Factory (which is across the road)… and after wandering around admiring all their goodies, I bought myself a gift… an owl shaped vase!

Now this is something I really want… in fact I want 2 of them!!  I can just see them in my house!

I’m definitely going back to both places!!

PS. Some of the photos were taken with my DSLR, and most of them with my iPhone.