19.06.2013 8:17pm

Connor drew this picture at school.  Now you may not think that it’s particularly amazing, but to me it shows how much he’s changed in the last few months. At the end of the last term, his teacher told us that he wasn’t drawing people properly.  He’d skipped out part of his development, and he although he was drawing arms and legs with feet and toes and fingers… he was leaving out the body. And sometimes he’s remember the body but make it very very tiny.

She said at the time that we needed to work with him on body image.  He talks about his body, but can’t reflect it in a diagram.

Well, how cool is this?  He’s even got his and Lance’s belly buttons in the middle of the tummies on this drawing!!

If you’re wonder what the drawing is about… well… it’s Lance and Connor braai-ing, and then the aquarium is on the right with a few fish.  And the 2 strips above are the sky with a cloud in-between.