31.05.2013 4:30pm

Bradley got invited to Ewan’s 10th birthday party, that was held yesterday afternoon at JoziX in Bryanston.  He’d been looking forward to it for weeks!  The party was held on the massive inflatables, and the kids had a ball going from climbing walls to trapezes and tight ropes.

I got there at 4:30pm to pick him up and managed to see him and his friends try a few of the obstacles before we had to hit the traffic to get home.

This is Claire, Ewan’s sister, who did a whole load better than the boys on the tight rope!

Bradley managed 2 steps before he jumped down… he wouldn’t let me take photos of him on the rope 😉

This was quite cool, it’s called the Jungle Swing… Callum did well on this one and got to the other side.

Bradley managed the first swing before dropping… which was more than a few of the other boys 😉

Would I take the boys there again?  I think I’ll wait until Connor is a little older.  Although some of the other activities there look pretty cool too!