I don’t have one yet, but I’ve been eyeing out the onesies I’ve found in the shops and online… and I know there have been a few people asking about them, so I thought I’d do a blog post showing where I’ve found them.

Now to be honest, I’m fascinated onesies.  Yes, I can imagine that they’re warm and cuddly and to be frank, they be most divine to spend my evenings wearing them while I’m editing, because it’s not the warmest activity to do in the midsts of a Gauteng winter with our homes designed for hot summers.  So, I’m tempted to buy one… the only only issue I can forsee… how on earth do you not freeze your tootsies off when you need to go to the loo?!!

Anyhoo, here are some that I’ve found online and in actual brick and mortar stores:

1. Sass Designs:  I just love Sass’ dresses, so I love that she’s also selling onesies, hers look uber comfy and they’re made from fleece so they’re definitely warm and you can get them for men too!


2. Mr Price:  Has to be mentioned that at R139 these have to be the cheapest I’ve found.  Although the cotton option looks rather chilly to me, and the leopard print option, although it’s fleece, looks a little meh compared to the other options out there.  Hmmm and it looks like they’ve removed it from their online store within a few hours of it being posted on Facebook.

3. Own One-Onesies – Like the Sass designs, you seem to only be able to buy these via Facebook.  I particularly like the red one with writing.  These are made in Cape Town and you can get them from between R500 and R650

4.  One Piece.  These can be imported from Norway, and my word they’re expensive, but if you want to wear a brand that seems to be worn by loads of celebs, then this is the one for you.


5.Woolworths.  Just as I thought you couldn’t get ones that looked like babygrows, here are some from Woolies… at R250 with covered feet! Hmm, not so sure, I think I prefer the leopard print onesies they had in stock a few weeks ago more than this.


6. Onezee – hey this place has Phineas and Ferb onesies!!


Anyway, I think I’ve found enough options now… are you as fascinated as I am?  Do you have one?  Are you going to get one?

Disclaimer:  I wasn’t asked to blog about this, I just like shopping 😉