22.06.2013 5:10pm I did a photoshoot with couple yesterday afternoon at Delta Park, so I asked the boys if they wanted to play in the park while I was busy.   They thought it was a great idea.  I packed them a bag with juice and crisps and a box of biscuits, as well as a small picnic blanket and they took their soccer ball.  While was wandering around the park taking photos, they had a ball on the jungle gyms and played  soccer and had a little picnic. They must’ve enjoyed their time in the park, because for some reason, they actually let me take a photo of them together… without a fight!

We’ve had such a busy weekend actually, and the kids have hardly had time to mooch around at home.

In fact, after getting home from the park and getting some warmer clothes on, we got back in the car and zooted off to Madelein and Pierre’s house for dinner!