23.06.2013 10:20am

I kept the boys busy today 🙂 I was supposed to have a photoshoot this morning, but it was cancelled, and because it was the last Sunday of my 365 project, I decided that I needed to do something different with the boys.

So, I took them to their favourite spot… Sci-Bono… and on the way there I stopped in Braamfontein, and we walked across the Nelson Mandela bridge.  Bradley’s been on that bridge before, when he came to help me with a photoshoot… but Connor had never been.  And I love the bridge and Johannesburg and the views oh so very much that it was time that took photos of my own kids there!

Gosh, it seems quite unreal as I’m typing this and posting this blog post… because I’ve noticed my Twitter stream and everyone is talking about the statement issued by the Presidency this evening, saying that Mandela is in a critical condition in hospital now.

Praying for him tonight.