I drive myself nuts when I buy a big item.  And yes, I’m classifying the purchase of an iPad into the big item category. I was gung-ho about buying one this week.  I was about to leave the office on Friday when I went to the iStore’s website to see what specials they had on… based on the advert I’d heard on the radio.  Couldn’t find any specials on the iPads even though their advert said R1500 off… so not sure what that’s about.

But anyhoo, then I got thinking, this is actually an expensive item, and what did I need other than the iPad?  So here’s my list of things that I want and/or need and should probably buy before I get an iPad.  But first, this is the iPad mini that I want:

I’m looking at buying the iPad mini 32GB with wifi and 3G.  The price: R6,399

I’ve basically decided on the iPad mini because I won an iStore package on Rattle and Mum’s blog a few weeks ago, and included in the parcel, was the most gorgeous BookBook cover for an iPad mini.

And here’s the list of things that make up the same value:

1. Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic = R3800

2.  King size down duvet = R1350

3.  Brown boots = R699

4.  Elie Saab perfume = R595



OK, that wish list wasn’t that long after all… meh… maybe I should just get the iPad.

Can you see how indecisive I am? LOL!