I took the  boys to Sci-Bono this morning.  We haven’t been there together in ages, and because the kids had already been to the Body Worlds exhibition, we didn’t even try get into that today… and instead we just had fun at the normal Sci-Bono exhibits.

Well, not quite actually, because their school holiday programme has started, and we went to one of the workshops being held for kids over the next few weeks.

The kids went to the Smelly Science workshop.  It was all about smells and how your body uses smell to enhance taste etc.  After a short lecture, the kids had to guess smells that came from chemicals that were dropped onto papers.  Then they all mixed chemicals in test-tubes with droppers, which were then heated up, before they could smell them.  Connor’s eyes lit up when the one test tube smelt like bubblegum! LOL!

The good:

  • The workshop was easy enough for Connor to follow, and interesting enough to keep Bradley interested.
  • Loved the lab coats they got to wear as well as the rubber gloves!
  • The kids could easily have spent the whole day in workshops, although Connor is a little young for them 😉
  • It was completely safe and they stressed what the kids could and couldn’t do with the chemicals.

The not so good:

  • The parking was a nightmare because of Body Worlds, but I was quite happy to park quite far away because I’m comfortable walking around Newtown 😉
  • Because of Body World, the soccer exhibits are not working to minimise the noise levels and the construction exhibit, which my boys absolutely love, is in the next building, completely hidden away but at least it’s operational.

I would like to take the kids back next week actually, when they’re on half term break, because the workshops include the dissection of eyes, and a shark as well as building a terrarium!  Ooh and there’s a workshop called “DNA detective”! It’s such a cheap day out actually, you cannot afford not to take your kids!! The entrance fee is only R20 per adult and R10 per child over 6… unless you’re planning on seeing Body World too (and then I suggest you book before you go, because the queues today stretched for miles and it was fully booked).

Disclaimer: I was not asked to blog about this, I’m on the Sci-Bono mailing list… and I think it’s a fab place.