My sister organised a lunch yesterday to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  We all met at The Other Side restaurant, which is in a huge farm styled residential estate, Monaghan Farm, close to Lanseria Airport.

It was an exceptionally busy day yesterday, with the #EpsonMomsRock workshop that took place in the morning (story is on my other blog), and then ending with an amazing 30th birthday party that took photos at… and that’s a story for another time 😉

So I was only too pleased to have lunch cooked for me and served to me, and to chat to family, and to have kids running amok in a place that was safe.  I loved the place!  It’s such a gorgeous location, with ample space for the kids to run around, and in fact ample space not to be bothered by the other kids running around too.  I loved where we were sitting, although the other side of the restaurant on the slope close to the jungle gyms would have been better for us to see the kids, even though our kids are now old enough not for us to worry that much.

The food was phenomenal.  If we go again, I’ll have the roast lamb pizza, it looked much nicer than my seared salmon, although that was really tasty.

 I liked:

  • The space
  • The food, especially the pizzas
  • The idea behind the restaurant with the use of food grown in the gardens… except the gardens aren’t operational during winter, so the menu was all shop-bought I’m assuming (the one waiter told me the veggie gardens didn’t have anything available for sale at the moment)

I didn’t like:

  • If I had small kids I would have wanted to sit on the other side of the restaurant to watch where they went, because there were 2 open dams… although not close by.  My kids are old enough for me not to worry much about open water 😉
  • We booked the table beforehand so they knew there was a table of 11 on their way, and their menu is small, so we were really not pleased that they had already sold out of their hamburgers and fish cakes… which would have been my small family’s first choice.  I have a bunch of fussy eaters, so finding something on that small menu was a bit of a challenge!
  • The corkage charge of R100 per bottle that was not mentioned anywhere on the menu, or by the waiters beforehand!  If I’d been there when everyone paid, I wouldn’t have given a tip 😉  And anyway, I’m not even sure I remember seeing wine on the menu… I did see cocktails though.  This last point soured the entire experience for everyone actually, because it was an enormous amount that was added willy-nilly onto the bill!

Anyhoo, other than the wine experience, it was a lovely afternoon out, and we loved spending time with everyone.