Connor still says the cutest things… not as often as before, but as a 6 year old his view on life is always interesting.  Bradley on the other hand, is properly big now, but yesterday’s conversation was worth mentioning so, of course, it needs a blog post 😉

Bradley on siblings:

Brad was a little concerned that I’m going into hospital for a small procedure on Monday, so he wanted to know what it was for.  I told him that I was having a contraceptive put in (can’t do it in the rooms because I’m  complicated), so that I can’t have more babies.

Bradley then said “so I won’t have more brothers or sisters”.  I responded “No” not sure what to expect.  He basically shouted “GOOD!” in response! LOL! I think Connor is enough for him to handle.

Connor on teaching and growing up

Connor told me last night about a job shadowing person that arrived in their class yesterday.  He couldn’t decide whether she was still at school or at university.  She apparently definitely decided to be a teacher at the end of the day “because the Green class was so very good”.  That poor person, hope their good day wasn’t that different to their normal day 😉

He then asked me when he has to decide what he wants to do when he’s big.  I told him that he can change his mind… I still change my mind about what I want to do with my life 😉

He then told me that him and his friend are going to help stop the poachers from killing all the animals.  Because he loves rhinos.  They’re better than dinosaurs, and did I know they look like tricerotops?

The theme at school this week was dinosaurs, and I think the rhino  sightings on the weekend happened just in time 😉 we actually got quite close to the rhinos on Sunday, and he commented a few times about the texture of their skin… he must’ve really taken note of what we saw and compared it to the dinosaur discussions at school.

Hmm, maybe we should take the kids to the Origin centre soon to see the dinosaur fossils on exhibit there.