And in the spirit of boobs and all that… considering my previous post on mammograms and the fact that my blog has seen unbelievable hits today because I mentioned boobs and tweeted about mammograms… I thought this story that I picked up on Eden’s blog needed sharing a bit more.

The story starts with Amanda Palmer’s performance at Glastonbury, where she flashed a bit of her boobs… and it seems that the Daily Mail wrote a story about that, rather than her performance… and titled it  ‘Making a boob of herself! Amanda Palmer’s breast escapes her bra as she performs on stage at Glastonbury’.

Her response, which is currently going slightly viral on Youtube, was recorded in London a few days ago…

Love it!! So brilliantly done… beware if you’re a bit of a prude… there’s a naked women in the video 😉

Dear Daily Mail… up yours!!