I went to Cape Town on business for a few days this week, and apart from work, which is well, work… I had a ball on my own!

Yes, strange but true, I do enjoy having time to myself… it’s something that doesn’t happen very often. I revel in exploring on my own and eating in restaurants on my own… ok, I’m not actually alone anyway I have Twitter for company 😉

I arrived too late on Tuesday evening, so I couldn’t do anything other than grab a bite to eat before getting to the hotel room to sleep… but Wednesday was another story entirely.

Every time I travel there on business, I try to do something touristy.  I love the views in Cape Town, it’s just such a gorgeous city. So after work, after I changed into jeans, I rushed to the car and headed for Signal Hill to catch a bit of the view before the sun went down.  My plan was actually to get to Rhodes Memorial because I haven’t been there in years, but I knew I wouldn’t make it with the traffic.  As it was, I just made it to the look-out point before the sun started setting.

I know it’s not exactly “safe” there on my own after dark… but I hit the road as the sun dipped below the skyline… and there were buses of American tourists there too anyway 😉

And then, it was time for food! My cousin works at Burrata, an Italian restaurant at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, so I headed there for dinner for one.  It was the only opportunity I would have to see her, even though she was working that night 😉

Well, what a meal! If you have the chance, and you’re looking for a place to eat, you should definitely book a table there for the evening!! Wow!! I literally rolled out of there after having the most incredible food!  Oh and the wine… lest I forget… I cannot actually remember when last I’ve seen a more impressive and extensive wine list.

There was no way I was going to finish a bottle on my own, so Daniella suggested a glass of a red wine from a cask they’d received from a vineyard and bottled themselves… wish I could remember more than that, because it was simply delish!

And then for the food… I actually managed to eat my way through 3 courses, and that’s huge for me!  For starters I had the norwegian salmon tartare topped with crispy pancetta. Loved.  For mains I had the mushroom and aubergine lasagne which was not a normal baked lasagne, it was an unstructured layered pasta with the most delicate mushrooms in it! It was out of this world


Then Daniella convinced me to have dessert too… OMG… so divine! So light! It was a white chocolate ganache with plum sorbet on the side.  By the time I left, the place was packed… no wonder… because it’s a stunning spot!

After chatting to Daniella that night, we decided to meet for breakfast in town the next day.  She suggested Dear Me.  It’s a little cafe and event space in the heart of the old part of Cape Town. I can’t actually remember when last I had such delicious coffee.  We both ordered the eggs benedict for breakfast, and it was so very yummy!

I actually loved the whole menu there and found it very difficult to choose.  They only use free range eggs and meat, and the range of healthy breakfasts was impressive… I just didn’t feel all that healthy 😉  I see on their website now that they have a “menu designed to accommodate special dietary requirements”… first time I’ve noticed that at a restaurant.

If I’d actually thought about it, I would have bought some of their produce that they sell in the shop.  They sell a range of homemade preserves that looked amazing on their shelves!

So, I’m now back in Joburg… and longing to get back to Cape Town to explore again 😉