You may think it strange, but I do enjoy traveling on my own every now and then. It’s not often that I get time on my own… Ever actually… so traveling alone gives me time to think.

Of course, as I said earlier on Twitter, I’m never really alone actually because I have my online friends as company wherever I am… but anyhoo 😉

I’m in Cape Town for a few days and while I was in the airport earlier waiting for my flight, I read Sheena’s blog post and giggled.
After my own little experience, I thought I’d blog a few random observations…

1. Remember what books you’re reading on your Kindle… Forgot that the one I was reading was rather steamy! Oops!
2. Dude sitting on the aisle was playing solitaire on his iPad… Who has solitaire anymore?! Haven’t seen anyone play that in years!
3. Lady sitting between us was trying very hard to read her magazine while half closed and I glanced over to see that the article was about orgasms! Lol!
4. Didn’t think to ask for an automatic car for the trip… thankfully I only forgot that once on the drive into the city!
5. Thank goodness for the Google Maps app on my iPhone! I haven’t been to Cape Town in a while and stupidly managed to take the wrong turn on my way out of the airport and got “sidetracked” in the industrial area!
6 Forgot about the wind in this place in winter… And packed a dress for tomorrow! Damn!

Anyhoo I love coming to this city and I’m really hoping I finish before the sun goes down tomorrow so I can do something touristy.