The world has been enamoured watching the news about the #RoyalBaby and I’m no exception!

As soon as I’ve caught any hint of movement about the story, I’ve grabbed the remote from the rest of the family and turned the TV onto Sky News… just to catch some glimpse or hint of a story.

I, like so many other thousands of people around the world, found myself watching a closed door for ages while journalists trying to make the most boring topics interesting enough to keep us glued to the screens.

Lance and Bradley thought I was nuts, and commented a few times about my looney ways, and my insistence on switching channels as often as I could… or as soon as I saw a tweet mentioning movement.  But… they ended up watching with me 😉

Marina hit the nail on the head with her tweet tonight…

I watched the Di and Charles wedding in the lounge with my mother, and so many other royal events with her too.  It was always an occasion with tea and sometimes scones and anything else British that she could make or think of that day.

Strangely, those are special memories for me.

Maybe that’s one reason why I’m enamoured by this whole #RoyalBaby story.  It’s nostalgic and kind of romantic and it makes you wonder about the life he’d lead. It’s a story in the making, and you know it’s going to be a story that’s going to be told over and over again. And us humans love a good story… and we also love being able to say where we were, and what we were doing when momentous occasions take place.

And this story, is a good story after all… and there aren’t many good stories that are momentous occasions… and maybe that’s why it’s so big.

So… did you watch the closed door too?