I don’t get many opportunities to have little girls in our house.  We have friends with girls (and of course the boys’ cousin Erin), and they do come over for playdates… but you know what I mean! LOL!

Today, the boys had friends over to play.  Bradley’s school friend has a younger sister who can hold her own with boys so she came along and spent most of the day entertaining and being entertained by Connor.

I think that by the time I got home though, she was a little boy’ed out 🙂 and we had long chats about things.  Cannot actually remember what it was she was speaking about though.

But I do know, that it was so refreshing listening to her.  She chattered on for ages about things, while Connor butted in every now and then… and while the bigger boys were playing endless XBox games.

My friend Madelein’s daughter Carmen is similar, and I just thought it may be Carmen… but maybe it’s a girl thing.

Oh it would be nice every now and then to have endless girl chatter going on the house.

Although I do love my boys 😉 and no… there’s no way we’re having more kids.

Just saying…