I went on a team building session today at Art Jamming in Melrose Arch.  Now, I’ve blogged about Art Jamming a few times… I’ve taken photos at a charity event held there, and I’ve taken the kids one day in the holidays.  Today however, was actually the first time that I’ve painted there!!

If you don’t know how it works… you pitch up, pay for a canvas to paint, use their paints and brushes and ask loads of questions… and by the end of the painting session you should have a work of art!

We decided before the painting session, that our hands needed to be included in the image somewhere.  I’m not going to show you everyones’ canvases… cos I don’t have permission… but hey, I need to show you mine 😉

Can you see what it is? Some people didn’t get it.  I wanted to paint my hands holding a camera but my drawing skills are not that great… instead I used my hands to frame an image.  If I’d had more time I would have spent longer on the getting more detail in the hands.  This took me approx 90 minutes… it’s a pity you can’t actually see the detail in the sky in the photo.

When the kids saw it, they immediately started asking when they were going to go again! Yay!!  I’m thrilled they’re keen to go again.  I’m game to paint something for my house now.  And they want new paintings for their rooms.

I wish I could go for lessons actually… I need another outlet of sorts.  My art skills are very basic aren’t they 😉