Today was a hectic day for the kids, mostly Connor, and the fact that he was sore and tired only showed twice today.  Oh and he was in bed asleep before 8pm which is unheard of!

I haven’t really told you everything that’s been going on… I didn’t feel like people telling me I was a bad mom for letting it happen.  But anyhow, I’m so impressed with Connor’s strength today that I’m going to tell you the story.

I took Connor to the doctor this morning. It was his second appointment to remove viral warts that are on his tummy. I know. I know. I should have taken him when the first one appeared, but I thought they’d disappear in time.  They didn’t.  Every time I took him to the doctor for other ailments I forgot to ask the doctor about the warts.  Eventually a few weeks ago, I made an appointment especially to sort them out.

After checking them out, the doctor said he needed to remove them with liquid nitrogen. And he gave me the name of a local anaesthetic cream to apply an hour before bringing him in.

So today was his second appointment.  They’re looking better already, but needed to get treated again.

If I’d had that done to me I would’ve screamed.  Connor said it was way more sore than the first appointment, even though I used more anaesthetic cream this time.  He cried. I felt like crying.  He tried to get the doctors hands away.  And I held his hands instead.  He didn’t scream. I felt like screaming for him.  The doctor felt so bad and he got a lollipop even though it was 8am and I didn’t complain.  By the time I got to work, I felt like I needed something too… coffee just didn’t cut it for me today.

It killed me to watch him go through it.

Then when we got home his friends were waiting for him.  I’d organised a playdate today with Bradley’s school friend and his sister.

I got home early today to edit photos for work, and Connor seemed fine and Beauty said that he’d been fine the whole day.

I could see he was flushed though, but it was only an hour later when he came to have a cuddle and asked whether he could lie down for a bit and said he had a headache.

I’m in awe of his strength.  For some reason he just keeps going, no matter what and he doesn’t show that he’s sick or sore.  It worries me slightly because I have to really watch him because of that.

Poor kid I have to take him back again in 2 weeks time.  I’m praying that they’re gone by then and we don’t have to go through this again.

Hmm actually thinking I may make this password protected.