Some days it just hits me how lucky the kids are to live in a time and place where cultures that are not the same as their own are embraced and discussed and just accessible really.

Today was one of those days.

Now you have to understand my history to get that statement.  I’m not exactly young 😉 and I went to school during Apartheid, and in fact most of my varsity life too.  When I was at school, I only got to mix with other white people… and only really Christians actually.  The schools I went to didn’t even have many Jewish people either, or if they were in the classes I wasn’t really aware of it.

So my exposure to other cultures and religions has been mostly learnt and experienced during my adult life.  I’m naturally curious about people’s stories in general so I listen and I tend to ask a lot of questions 😉 .  I love experiencing and listening to the way that other people live.  And in a way, I’m grateful that I have asked the questions, because I can actually answer the questions my kids have about other people’s religions and beliefs and holidays.

Back to today.

As you know, tomorrow is Eid.  Both my kids have classmates that are celebrating Eid tomorrow.

This morning when I dropped Connor off at school, a little girl in his class started excitedly telling Connor that she wasn’t going to be at school tomorrow.  She was going to be on holiday.  It took him a while to get her story… and I explained to Connor she was on a special holiday, and I wished her Eid Mubarak for tomorrow… she started telling me about what she’s planning on wearing tomorrow.  The highlight for her was her pink sari, and her high heels with sparkles on them! LOL!

Then Bradley came home tonight with plenty questions about Eid and Ramadan too. One of his good friends has been fasting and was talking about Eid today at school.  I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to answer his questions this evening, and give him a lot of information that he didn’t actually ask about.

And I’m so grateful that they’re getting to experience other religions from an early age.