My idea was to take photos of everything that happened on Saturday.  I follow a blog called ClickinMoms and they have a feature called  “A day in the life” where they show a photographer’s day… so I thought I’d do the same.

Well, I started off very well… and then ended not so well… by the time we’d left the second party of the day I had such a headache that I went home and crawled into bed… so much for that! I did however manage to make a healthy supper for everyone before passing out completely later.

So, in any case, here’s a day in my life… it started with the dogs looking at me very sad eyes when they realised I was going out, and not taking them for a walk. Cue guilty feelings 🙁

Then some excitement for 2 little boys who had a suit fitting for my sister’s wedding… they’re part of the wedding retinue.

Then we travelled to the opposite side of Johannesburg for Gina’s party at Artjamming.   If you were there, and wondering where the rest of the photos are, I’ve put them on Facebook 😉

This one… I did 🙂 I’m quite proud of it actually!

And then, we went to Carmen’s party at Acrobranch in Melrose Arch for the next party…

I was very proud of Brad… he went on the bigger course as well… it’s much higher than the course that he normally goes on, and he did so very well!! He was the only one who was tall enough to go on that

And that was my day really… I was man down after that! I think I’ll do this photo project again soon 😉