This weekend is the last photoshoot-free weekend for a few months, and the kids are climbing the walls at home because they’re on holiday… so I wanted to do something with them. I was considering something from the Joburg City Festival happening right now, but nothing appealed to my 6 year old.

So… the Johannesburg Zoo won the vote.

I decided to take one lens… the 50mm… because I didn’t feel like schlepping a heavy bag knowing how far we were going to walk 🙂

Big smile because we caught a ride on the truck going to the lions 🙂

He drives me nuts… insists on wearing slops because it’s warm and then complains about every patch of soil because he gets sand under his feet!

Nothing beats cold water from a fountain 🙂

Decided to get a wors roll from a vendor rather than wait endlessly for a table at Cafe Fino’s… we sat under a tree and had a quiet relaxing “picnic” 🙂

And then I was shattered and it was time to come home.

Next time I really should lug the heavy lens… I didn’t even try to take a lot of photos of animals because they were just so far away.