The kids were invited to Jordan’s birthday party on Sunday.  It took place at the Randburg Raceway… an indoor go-karting race track.  They were so looking forward to the day… and I was hoping they’d be ok in the cars.  LOL! They’ve never done anything like this.

The verdict… they loved it!

In fact, Bradley came to find me after his second race and told me that he wants to have his birthday party at the same place next year (which is unlikely due to the cost but anyhoo).

They had an absolute ball! The party was split into 2 race teams (Bradley was in the one lot, and Connor in the other so they didn’t race against each other)… and they must’ve had about 6 odd races each.  Because Bradley was taller than the other kids, he got to race in a bigger red kart… and all the other kids raced in the white karts.  

It was a little frightening for us moms… LOL! The kids were flying around those corners!

Bradley won 2 of the races, and Connor won 1 race!! I was thrilled that they did so well!  Bradley’s best lap time overall was 24.7 seconds, and Connor’s was 27.8 seconds!

I’m definitely going to take them again… and Lance wants to race with them next time 🙂  It’s an expensive excursion but so much fun!