… we collected Bradley’s new glasses.  I think they’re kinda cool and funky. And the best part was that he chose them all by himself, I didn’t even prompt him… he went straight to the squarish plasticky frames… my beautiful geeky hipster.  I’m going to take proper photos of him tomorrow, but until then the iPhone photo will have to do!

… I had lunch with Lauren. It was awesome to connect with a friend. And fab to just natter for a bit.

… I realised how many weddings I’m doing in September… 4! Pray for me… that editing is going to be a bitch!

… I started choosing the photos to design our 2012 family photo album. This is the first chance I’ve had this year! Best I hurry because of editing… see point above.  It’s a mammoth task, although it is making me smile.

… I had fun at work looking at design patterns for a website.

… I finally figured out the type of dress I’m going to “need” to find for my sister’s wedding next month… best I start hunting ‘cos it’s now too late to get one made!