I was invited to the media launch of 100 Women 100 Wines yesterday. The media launch was a food and wine pairing event held at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton in a private dining room.

The 100 Women 100 Wines event, sponsored by Ultra Liquors, is going to be held in Johannesburg for the first time this year (it’s been held in Cape Town until now). The idea behind the event is to get 100 women to judge wines! How cool! They’re not looking for wine connoisseurs to be judges in this event, they’re looking for women who love drinking wine! That’s me right 😉

The 100 Women 100 Wines event will be held on 1 November 2013 at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, and they’re currently looking for the 100 women who will be the judges, that’s where you come in.

All prospective judges have to do is to motivate their reason as to why they should become a judge via an email to Clare@spill.co.za by 16 October 2013, and the lucky winners will be invited to come to the event at The Maslow Hotel, on Friday November 1st.

They will then sip and swirl their way through 300 of South Africa’s top selling wines categorised by drinking occasion, instead of the usual method… which I’m actually not sure about because I’ve never judged wine before. You’ll get to judge wines according to whether they’d be suitable for a wedding or a night out with the girls or just having a braai with friends… I like that idea because that’s generally how wine is enjoyed.

So now I’ve imparted that information, I need to tell you about this amazing media launch I went to. In fact, if it’s anything to go on, the actual event will be absolutely incredible!

I was actually expecting a room full of people, because I don’t get invited to small intimate events often… so I was a little surprised to discover that it was just me… 2 other bloggers who I’d never met before… and a pile of journalists from Cosmo Magazine, Sandton Chronicle, The Sowetan, NewAge and Move Magazine. I was also expecting that I could slip out after I got the gist of the launch! But no such luck and in fact, the food and wine was fabulous and I learnt so very much!

Clare from Spill, who is organising the event, had organised this media launch, and had invited a female winemaker from KWV, Anneke, to talk to us about the wines being served. I was enthralled by her, and what she said.

It’s really such a treat to have a meal that’s been designed around the wine, and not the other way around. Also, it’s an amazing experience to listen and talk to a winemaker while you’re actually drinking the wine!

This is Anneke from KWV, who explained about each wine and how it’s made. So interesting!

Crab salad with pink grapefruit – served with Laborie Brut. This was interesting, Anneke said that the MCC was perfect to serve with the crab because the bubbly cleanses your palate perfectly after eating fish and gets rid of the fishy taste! Definitely something to remember!

Then, the Sous Chef (can’t remember his name) came and explained about the food

The second course was my favourite. It was buffalo mozzarella with pea and cucumber, served with KWV Sauvignon Blanc. I don’t usually like that type of wine, but I did find this one particularly pleasant, although I’m not sure I could’ve had a whole glass of it.

The third course was roast chicken supreme with toasted corn, served with KWV Chenin Blanc. Loved this white wine, and Anneke told us it’s just won a  Michaelangelo award… and it only costs R38! Bargain!

Then the red wine started, and I was in my element. I didn’t stay for the last 2 courses, but I did have the fourth course. It was a duck parfait with red wine poached quince served with Roodeberg Red Blend. Wow! I LOVED the wine. It’s also not expensive at R68 per bottle! Anneke told us that it’s their best seller, and they’ve been making it with the same recipe for the last 60 years!

It’s a pity I didn’t stay for the last few courses, I would’ve liked to try the Cathedral Cellars Shiraz (it was served with a venison dish). I’m going to just have to buy a bottle now!

Oooh and just as a reminder to my readers, because I’m definitely entering the competition…

The motivation email to enter the competition should be sent to clare@spill.co.za, and should reach her by no later than October 16th.   It should outline the reasons why you’d make a perfect wine judge.. she did say that she’s not looking for any kind of fancy motivations, she’s looking for women that love wine!