I was invited, along with plenty other bloggers and media people, to the launch of KFC’s Add Hope campaign for 2013 this evening. It was held at the KFC branch in Bramley. Turns out I only knew 2 other bloggers in the crowd (Stacey and Tanya), LOL, so much for me knowing a lot of people in the industry right 😉

It was interesting actually… or else I wouldn’t be blogging about it 😉

I’ve always wondered whether the R2 that KFC asks you to donate with every meal makes a difference. I was amazed by the stats we heard this evening about the CSI initiative.

  • #AddHope supports 90 charities around the country.
  • They’ve raising R187m in the last 4 years!
  • #AddHope feed over 40k kids every month and that number is growing.
  • The franchisees also donate a portion of their marketing budgets towards Add Hope, and last year donated R19m too!
  • They focus on feeding kids under the age of 6, and the program doesn’t only entail feeding, but also training teachers on cooking nutritional food.

Not only did we get to chat and snack on yummy food (hardly any KFC food actually), but we got to see the unveiling of the new branding that every store will be sporting for the month of October! Impressively, KFC is replacing the Colonel  on their store front’s with an image of a child’s face. Just to remind you where your money is going!

That’s quite something… for a brand to replace their icon with something else.

At the end of the launch, everyone got to fill a hessian bag with long-life goods as a food parcel. Each bag was sealed with a note inside from the person who packed it… and the bags will be handed out to the needy.