It was Bradley’s school concert last night. Bradley has been looking forward to it for ages, and has been quite secretive about it… we knew that his class’ theme was South Africa and that he was a rugby player, but that was really all we knew about what he was doing in it.

The theme for the concert was “All around the World”… yes, and the opening song was performed by Kyle aka Justin Bieber! LOL! Β Every class took on a different country for the concert and the kids spoke about the traditions and history of each country… and then sang songs. It was such fun and very colourful, and the production was brilliantly put together. In fact, this year even the lighting was spot on! One of the parents organised the lighting for the concert this year, and for a change every part of the stage was lit up properly… it made such a difference!

I’m only showing you photos with Bradley and the few friends who’s moms asked me to take a few photos for them πŸ˜‰

If you’re wondering how I took the photos… 70-200mm lens in the second row (didn’t think we’d sit that close so didn’t take my wide angle lens) ISO640 f2.8 with no flash of course πŸ˜‰

And if you’re wanting to watch a little… I managed to multitask and video a little on Instagram too πŸ˜‰