This post is all about Bradley… that’s quite rare on my blog lately actually! LOL! A 10 year old doesn’t really do cute things anymore, and I know he’s starting to shy away from me telling stories about him 😉

But tonight it’s tough luck! Tonight is a big night for us. You see, he’s going away tomorrow on his first school trip. He’ll be gone until Friday! I’m not sure it’s really hit home yet for me… I know we’ll miss him a lot and Connor will be really lost without his big brother to bug and cuddle up to every night. Bradley on the other hand is immensely excited, and he was so very eager to pack his bag tonight. He even marked everything off on his list… from sleeping bag to all his clothes and toiletries!

They’re going to have a ball… I hope 😉

Anyway, still on the subject of Bradley… we went to a party on Saturday morning at the Buggy Parks at Ngwenya Village in Muldersdrift, you know, where Gilroys is situated! Buggy Parks is an off-road Go Karting track behind the brewery.

There were 27 kids at the party, so each group only got one go… about 6 laps around the track. Unlike the last indoor go-karting party we went to, we (Connor and I) decided that Connor was actually a little small for this one, so Bradley did it without his little brother. Actually, I think that was a blessing, because the shorter kids in the group did struggle in the karts because their legs were too short to reach the pedals properly.

The kids LOVED it though! I loved that they had quite a safety chat before the time, and that in addition to helmets, the kids got neck braces to wear as well. They zoomed around that track quite fast… and the track was very uneven as dirt tracks are so they bounced around a lot in the buggies.

Most of the girls, and a few of the boys, were exceptionally cautious and some excruciatingly slow around the track. And of course there were a few daredevils flying around too 🙂 But in all, it looked like ALL the kids enjoyed it. I know that Bradley definitely did.

A few years ago I was starting to despair at thinking of things to do for kids parties when they got older… but the places we’ve been to recently are really awesome for older kids! It isn’t cheap though 😉

This is such a fab spot to spend a few hours with your kids… I think I’m going to chat to Lance about taking the boys there again. I think a few laps around the track… and then a long leisurely lunch under the trees at Gilroys sipping on craft beers and eating awesome pub grub and listening to some live music is just what needs to be organised!