I’ve submitted images to the iPhoneographySA competition for the last 2 years, and this year I must say I’m struggling! I seem to have misplaced a few of my original photos somewhere along the line and I haven’t been anywhere exceptionally madly exciting lately… or rather I’ve been so busy taking photos with my DSLR that being creative with my iPhone hasn’t been a priority. I’m also very bleak that I’ve missed the photowalks that have taken place recently.

Anyway, enough about me 😉

If you haven’t heard, the iPhoneographySA competition is now open to entries… and the entries close in Johannesburg on 4 October, and in Cape Town on 11 October.

There are 4 categories you can enter:

Scenery A picture capturing a natural or man-made scene from a distance.

Portrait A picture of a person, group of people or favourite family pet.

Abstract A picture that may not be identified as being a photograph of a particular thing.

Still Life A picture of inanimate subject matter, most typically a few objects placed together.

The rules are basically that you have to have taken the photo with an iPhone or iPad, and edited it using an App on the device.  It’s that simple.

You’ll find all the information, including the entry guidelines and the online entry form on the iPhoneography website


I do have a few images that I’m going to enter… and let me know if you’re entering… Id love to meet you at the exhibition that’ll take place in Sandton at the end of October 2013.

PS. being part of the exhibition is such an amazing experience, it’s well worth the effort of finding an image and submitting an entry 😉

Note: I was not asked to blog about this, I just like it 🙂