I finally got my book!! I know I know it’s almost 2014 and time to do this year’s, but at least it’s done right?!

I’m talking of course about my album that I do every year for the family. It contains my favourite photos from the year as well as important dates and trips that we made as a family.

It’s so very worthwhile to do, and the kids LOVE paging through it. The hardest part is choosing the photos to go into the book! And this year I struggled to choose, so it’s a whopper of a book!

The book I designed is 92 pages and is 30x30cm in size with a personalised hard cover. I love it! And I had it printed at the right time, because there was a special running, so I got 2 smaller 20x20cm books for free… so those are for my parents and Lance’s mom 🙂

And here’s the pages…