It was my sister’s fiance’s bachelors party on Saturday so while all the men in the family went clay pigeon shooting and braaiing and beer drinking, I met up with Elaine, my mom and Bryan’s mom and sister for a spot of tea! It was all very civilised.

Well, it was civilised, other than the kids that were moaning and groaning and complaining in the car on the long drive to Illovo about how bored they were going to be and blah blah blah… which I mostly ignored 😉

We met at La Vie en Rose in Illovo. It’s a  tea garden, cafe, lunch spot kind of place set in a beautiful garden! It’s the perfect spot for a celebration or just a tea or lunch with friends… and I see they do dinner too! Anyway, I was so impressed with the place that I decided it needed blogging about, and this spot needed to be shared.

It was packed while we were there. There were at least 3 parties going on around us, as well as a huge bridal shower in the one area of the garden. Luckily we managed to get a table, because I’d arrived just as a large table left. Thank goodness actually, as none of us thought to book!

Anyway, on to what we ate… Bradley had the most delicious Toblerone milkshake (which I insisted on tasting) and brownie with ice cream served in the cutest little bucket! Connor and I shared a slice of delicious red velvet cake. Our table also ordered scones… which by the way are freshly baked as you order! We really could not fault them with anything. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon chatting to everyone… it’s not often that I get to spend time with my sister and mom actually and it was fabulous getting to know Bryan’s mom and sister a little better than I did.

I definitely want to go back for lunch! The salads and light lunches looked amazing as they were floating past in the hands of waitrons.