I know I complained yesterday about my lack of available time, but… I’m missing taking photos for myself. I’m actually missing the Project 365!

I feel like my photography is stagnating and not going anywhere… I’m not stretching. I’m becoming boring I think. I need to explore the world again. It makes me happy.

I also need to stop being scared of the photos I take.

I entered the iPhoneographySA competition again this year and played it safe with my photos… and I’ve only got one image that was accepted… and it’s the one I liked the least. I didn’t even really want to print it. But it’s being printed and will be on display in Sandton on the 31st of October…

I really need to submit a wedding or two to a wedding blog… but I’m too scared of them saying no… so I just don’t submit them.

I really want to enter the Canon photography competition this month too… think I’ll give that a bash. The problem will be finding images to submit.