On Sunday morning I was determined to do a spot of touristy stuff in the Midlands before we started the 5 hours trek back home to Jozi. After breakfast and checking out of the hotel, we made our way back to the highway… and I made Lance stop at Blueberry Hill :). I’d spotted the sign on the way into Nottingham Road, and knowing that it was connected to a wedding venue that I’ve admired on wedding blogs for ages (Netherwood), I’d decided that was the place I needed to experience!

So even though we were dressed in shorts etc for our hot destination, I made the kids risk the icy wind and run past the cows in the paddock, next to the parking area… and into the coffee shop.

Blueberry Hill (I can’t seem to find the coffeeshop’s website) is a coffee shop/cafe on top of a hill overlooking the Midlands and in fact I reckon you can see virtually to the Drakensberg. It was absolutely amazing! There are 2 buildings… the one is a furniture and decor shop, and the other houses the cafe.

Inside it was warm and toasty with fires roaring next to the couches, and the tables looking out over the view had blankets draped over their chairs for patrons to keep warm. Even though we’d basically just eaten, we ordered coffees and hot chocolate… and then blueberry cheesecake (which was most delicious) and blueberry muffins!

I’m definitely going back there again for a breakfast or lunch, when we eventually get back to the Midlands! I highly recommend the place!