I only had one photo shoot this weekend, and thankfully it was booked for really early yesterday morning, because it’s been raining ever since!

Not that it stopped us having a fabulous weekend filled with friends and laughter and noise and food! The kids had friends over to play yesterday, and they ended up sleeping over. So not sure how much sleep the kids actually got… you know how it goes when friends sleep over! Thankfully they did manage to swim before the rain started, but they kept themselves really busy in the miz weather.

Then today, our friends, Madelein et al, came over for a braai. Yes, we did in fact braai in this grotty weather! 10 points to us for being proper Saffies! LOL! It was worth it though, the ribs, wors and lamb kebabs were simply yummy 🙂

The dogs have been less than impressed though. Kimo was not a happy dog when they all left and we still didn’t make a move to take them on a walk (because it was still raining). Thankfully we took them on a walk yesterday afternoon between rain showers… but one walk in a weekend is simply not good enough.

As a parent, I was ever so thankful for loads of friends this weekend because the kids haven’t had cabin fever at all.