I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment, and I was chatting to a colleague today about needing an assistant at home… I’ve toyed with the idea of a virtual assistant, and while it may work, I actually need someone who is here.

I need help with…

1. my emails with random requests for things. Today’s emails include 2 overseas publications wanting photos for articles (I don’t actually have an hour spare to find the photos they want), quote requests… and telephone bills!

2. I may have handed back my boys hired pants from the wedding on Monday when I was on leave, but I now have 5 suit bags with pants that need to get delivered to the suit hire place! It’s on the other side of town, and I just cannot get there before they close every day.

3. my parents are away so the boys need picking up from school.

4. tonight’s the first night this week that I’ve actually been at home, so the food cupboards are bare. I need someone to either order the stuff online or shop for me.

5. speaking of which, someone to plan our meals would be incredible!

6. the dogs desperately need to get walked

7. oh and homework! This week on top of all other homework, Bradley has had to get a backing track and lyrics for a song he wants to sing in the school idols

… and this doesn’t include the thousands of photos that are sitting unedited on my laptop and my clients that are waiting for them!


My colleague just said that I need a WIFE!! LOL! I think she may have a point!