Lance and I went to the opening of Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza Co in Craighall Park last night. We had an evening of awesome music and delicious pizza while chatting to fellow bloggers! Actually, there weren’t only bloggers there, you’ll recognise a Lions rugby player in the photos, as well as 2 of the finalists from Master Chef SA… and the guys from Desmond and the Tutus.

It started with some sangria and the house salad and garlic pizza outside on the deck which they’ve built. Then we went inside and sat at long tables and ate 5 different types of pizzas and listened to Matthew Mole playing live!  The evening ended with some dessert pizza 🙂 Oh and we were also treated to some Glen Carlou wines during the evening too!

And the verdict? Well, I loved the salad… Toni chatted to Lance and I as we arrived and said her house salad rocks, and she wasn’t joking. If you know me well, you’d know that I don’t often order salad at a restaurant… but I’d easily order that and a garlic bread as my meal. It was that good!

My favourite pizzas during the evening were the Pizza Pesto which has goats cheese and pesto and walnuts and proscuitto, the Pizza al Toni with gorgonzola, pine nuts, butternut and proscuitto; and the pizza with roast leg of lamb on it… amongst other toppings! Don’t they sound just yummy!   It was too funny when the pizzas got brought to the table. It was then that you realised how many bloggers were there, because you couldn’t eat a slice until everyone had had their turn to take a photo.

It was an awesome evening out, and so nice to have Lance with me for a change! I loved listening to Matthew Mole playing his songs and a few covers too.

This is Toni, helping out with the food. She started the first restaurant in 2005. It only had 8 tables! She now has a few of these franchised, and she also runs a fish and chips restaurant too!

If you don’t know much about Matthew Mole… and have been living under a rock for the last few months, here’s one of my favourite songs of his… and you’ll recognise it from the radio

Toni’s Full Furnished Pizza Co is situated at 101 Lancaster Rd, Craighall Park… opposite the Spar.

If you’re keen on trying them out, they’re having a special event on 13 October 2013. Book a table for that evening, and the waiters will be Lions rugby players… and proceeds will be donated to a Cancer charity. I’ll post more details about the event when I get them.