We arrived in the Midlands on Friday and after checking into the hotel, we drove to Providence, where Elaine got married, for the rehearsal. You see, the boys were page boys… and Bradley was the ring bearer… so he needed to know what to do. We had a bit of time on our hands when we got there, because we got there before everyone else… so we explored a little.

Gosh the light was so perfect in that chapel! And here were so many spots for photos, I cannot actually wait to see the official photographer’s photos, they’re going to be gorgeous!

and some introductions… my sister Elaine, the bride :), and my dad watching as Elaine was explaining what to do with the rings

My cousin Daniella chatting to my mom 🙂

The kids tried very hard to sit still… it lasted 5 minutes! Thankfully they’re old enough now to be as good as gold when they needed to be.