I’m waiting for Lightroom to export the shoot I just finished editing… so needed to blog 🙂 not that I have any idea what to tell you today, so it’s going to be as random as random gets…

1. I could’ve killed Bradley today. You know there’s always something that you know you shouldn’t do, but you’ve convinced yourself it’s ok, but you don’t really want the world to know. Well, Bradley just blurted it out in Woolies today, so I may as well confess now that the Woolies cashiers have got over their shock… seriously their jaws nearly dropped on the floor. I buy Woolies rotisserie chickens to feed the dogs. Yip, I do. It actually works out cheaper than buying tinned/packets of dog meat to add to their crunchies because one chicken lasts for days. But it’s still pretty decadent. And my dogs are seriously spoilt with it… they prefer the chicken when it’s warm to cold too ;).

Although I do also buy the chicken to have as a meal and the kids always get chicken mayo sarmies for school the next day 😉 in case you think I’m completely nuts!

So confession over…

2. Connor has got a spider bite on the inside of his leg which is worrying me. We’ve been Bactrobanning and plastering for 2 nights already, tonight was the 3rd night, and it’s not looking much better. In fact, there’s a hard bit under his skin now… but he’s not complaining about pain (until we remove the plasters of course). Looks like we may need a doctor soon, but we’ll see what it’s doing in the morning.

3. I finally got the kids to a barber. I love that the one up the road from us is open until 6pm! It’s a lifesaver! Connor hasn’t wanted to go there though, because the last time we went, the dude was really rough and hurt him. So I made him promise that I would ask the dude today to be gentle… and I watched him like a hawk. And the boys look fab again, and they’re both happy and it looks like Connor’s faith in that barber shop was restored. WIN!

4. Bradley wrote his last exam today. It was his first set of proper exams ever, and we’re hoping he’ll do well. He’s been flying through the year, and it looks like he may get academic half colours… if his results are good for the exams! Very proud mom here 🙂