Connor was invited to a party yesterday morning, and I don’t often take photos at parties my kids go to and blog about them, but this one was so very awesome and Connor absolutely loved it, so I decided that y’all need to know about this party company especially if you have boys!

Jeepers Creepers bring their snakes, and bugs and fluffy creatures to your house (or whereever) for the party. It was fabulous!

First out came the hissing cockroach…

Then an enormous snail from North Africa, which is apparently still a baby… and this was the only one that Connor didn’t touch… he decided it would be too slimy. All the kids had to wet their hands before they touched the snail.


Then a rat

… a bunny

… guinea pigs

… oh oh oh and then a tarantula!! Connor wasn’t sure whether he should wait for that one, there was quite a queue, but I’m thrilled he got over his fear and did it. I even got to touch that one too 🙂 brave me… except the lady couldn’t work out my camera and those are blurred

… a bearded dragon

… the kids got some blue sherbert so that their tongues matched the skinks 🙂

And then last but not least… 2 snakes 🙂


It was an awesome party, and one that Connor is going to remember and talk about for months!