Bradley was sitting with me on the couch this evening, and asked me about a Christmas carol he is learning at school. The kids are frantically learning Christmas carols at school in anticipation of Carols by Candlelight which happens in a few weeks… in between studying for their exams next week!

From the few songs that the kids have been singing at home, it sounds like this year they’re doing contemporary songs.

After Bradley sang a few lines from the song that he was concerned about, I knew exactly which one he was talking about… I actually love this song… John Lennon’s Merry Xmas

Bradley was worried about the lyrics, and he says that the boys at school are all talking about it. They’re all concerned that the song is racist. The lyrics in question are these ones:

And so happy Christmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let’s stop all the fight

 John Lennon – Happy Christmas (war Is Over) Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

So, I googled it for him to get the full story behind the song, just to check I was right, thankfully I was 😉

The kids are so sensitive about any mention of colour. As soon as colour is mentioned anywhere, they immediately see it as racist. What surprised me with the conversation, is that the meanings of the songs haven’t been explained. Contemporary Christmas songs are not all sentimental, and do have some kind of modern messaging in them, and I would’ve thought it would be discussed. Maybe they think the kids are too young… or maybe they just didn’t listen.

However, the fact that they’re all talking about it and not asking the teacher to explain worries me more… and I’m hoping that my message about the song gets back to his friends. Bradley’s quite happy to sing it now.