Disclaimer: I was asked to review the Dettol product range on my blog

I was asked to review the Dettol range of cleaning products, so when I went to the shops to get the products, I decided to only buy items I would ordinarily use in my house… and items that I needed anyway 🙂 If you’re wondering about the photo… it was taken on my kitchen counter in natural light this afternoon 🙂 I love my granite tops, they make for fantastic backdrops!

One of the items the company really wanted me to review was the No-Touch Hand Wash System, so that was definitely in my basket of goodies. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure about it. I’d assumed you’d have to mount it on the wall… but I was very pleased to see that I could just put it on the counter-top. I also thought that it was a little gimmicky and wondered how long it would work for. Well, so far so good, the hand wash seems to dispense properly, and doesn’t seem temperamental.

Well, it’s a hit in the house! It’s definitely going to live in the kitchen… there’s nothing worse than having grimy hands and trying to get hand wash out the normal dispensers. This is fabulous! Oh and… and… it’s perfect for my heavy handed kids! I’m sure I’m going to use less soap in the process.

As for the other items I bought, we’re loving the body wash, but would’ve liked bigger bottles… 250ml is not big enough in my household. I do see on their website that you can also get 600ml bottles, but I didn’t find that in the store.

And that little bottle in the picture… is a mini bottle of hand sanitiser!! Just perfect for my car and handbag… I’ve learnt over the years to never be without waterless hand sanitisers, and this one is awesome!

The verdict is out on the multi-surface cream though, my helper at home does most of the cleaning and I’m going to have to ask her during the week about what she thinks of it.

We’ve used Dettol in our house for so many years, but really only the original antiseptic liquid… you know that orangy brown liquid that every household seems to use… but to be fair until now I’d never tried the rest of their new range. I’m definitely buying it now.