And as a continuation from yesterday’s post… today was the karate demo… and the boys got their grading too 🙂

I take my hat off to the Sensei for training the little ones. There are 25 kids in the class with little to no attention span. Yet they managed the kata perfectly, and in this exercise they were learning how to push bullies away.

Oh and one little boy was in tears because his daddy wasn’t there to watch 🙁 I may have felt a little guilty about leaving work until that point! I may not be there every afternoon, but I’ll do whatever I can to make these special demo days.

So now Connor is junior yellow belt, and Bradley is Orange + 3 🙂 I can really see a change in the way Bradley is doing karate, he’s so much more focused than he used to be. He’s been going to catch-up classes every week, and it has really made a huge difference.

Settings: 50mm lens f1.4 ISO800 no flash