I took the boys and their friends to Sci-Bono yesterday. It’s one of the most budget conscious things to do in Johannesburg with the kids. It cost R60 entrance in total for me, and the 4 children! OK, the bigger boys also bought tickets for the planetarium exhibition too, which cost an extra R10 each… and that was well worth it too… the boys loved that short show and they declared that their favourite part of the day.

The kids always head for the Eskom electricity display first… and then the music instruments… before heading off to explore further 🙂

This is a whisper dish… you stand on one side, and your friend way on the other side (the next photo), and you whisper into the dome and they can hear it on the other side.

They were ALL disappointed though because the building exhibition, where they normally get to spend hours building with foam bricks etc, was not there because it’s apparently being cleaned… surely December is a busy month for them, and they should have had it cleaned in time? Weird, but anyway, kids still ran riot and had a ball with the other displays.

We all found the science show at 1pm rather boring this time. Not because we’ve seen it before (we haven’t seen it in 2 years so the kids couldn’t really remember it), but the presenter was so very annoying. She kept asking the kids to spell her name in order to get to help… it went on and on and on… and she only concentrated on the one side of the auditorium so the kids on our side all felt left out. It wasn’t great at all. I also wish they’d explain the experiments a little more… I know they’re trying to make it child friendly, but you don’t have to treat them like idiots and just say you’re adding water to water to get coloured water… they know better than that! So I ended up having to explain what was happening.