Christmas was awesome!

On Christmas Eve, Madelein and Pierre and the kids came over for dinner, and we combined what we would have made anyway and had a feast! For starters we had baked feta and crackers with olive tapenade. For mains we had roast lamb (I made), gammon (Madelein), roast potatoes (both of us made), and Madelein made this awesome green bean dish with goats cheese and prosciutto ham! She used this “Frans Boonjies” recipe from Nataniel.

And then after dinner we all played charades… the kids LOVED that! It was a much better idea than spending Christmas Eve on our own like we normally do.

And then Christmas happened!

After opening Santa’s gifts in the morning, we went to my parent’s house for our traditional Christmas lunch. The only thing missing this year was the sun! It was a miserable day and it rained for most of it! So the kids played hide and seek… and they opened their new Lego sets etc to keep occupied… and they didn’t swim for a change. Not sure how all you people cope in the northern hemisphere… we’re used to spending the day in the pool!

Erin explaining how cool her new Monster High doll is… Granny didn’t seem too convinced! LOL!

I have to mention some of the gifts the kids got this year… the ones that were clear hits! We had a smaller Christmas than we usually do, and the kids loved the “retro” toys that Santa brought for them 🙂

  • Lego… as always a hit. Although Bradley has already built the Architecture Lego that Santa brought him… don’t know what we’re going to do, it’s not a challenge for him anymore… only the massively huge kits that cost a bomb keep him occupied for any length of time.
  • Monopoly and Battleships… the boys insisted on putting these on their lists, and they’ve LOVED playing with them! We’ve already had a few Monopoly Millionaire battles and the kids spent this morning playing Battleships!
  • Robo fish… Connor loves his little green fish and because he couldn’t swim yesterday, he spent hours fishing it out the pool.
  • Guinness book of records 2014… he practically squealed when he opened this! LOL!
  • Rubik’s Twist… the kids have had a ball with these!