Oh I am so very proud of my big boy 🙂

Bradley has been working towards this goal for most of the year. Early on in the year his teacher told us that if he kept up the marks for the whole year, then he’d probably be able to get half colours… and he did it!!

He achieved over 80% for the year! How absolutely amazing is that!!

We attended the honours evening for Senior Primary at the school this evening, and he was awarded his half colours there. He was ALSO called up again… this time to get a medal and certificate for being the top Maths pupil in Grade 4 :)) How awesome! This is the second year in a row that he’s got the top Maths award!

We are absolutely thrilled!

It was a long evening actually, lovely but long. All the academic awards were handed out for grade 4’s to 7’s. Then the head pupils said farewell speeches, the new monitors for 2014 were named and sworn in… and all the Grade 7’s sang farewell songs. There were very many teary moms in the audience, and lots of crying girls by the end of the evening.